Conditions of sale

  1. The online sale of material goods by to its customers is regulated by current Italian legislation and in particular by legislative decree no. 185 of 22 May 1999, relating to the sale with the right of withdrawal.
  2. The purchase is perfected when the Customer:
    1. click on the Payment button,and after entering the address to send, you can choose the type of payment between Charging our Postepay Card, Advance Bank Transfer, PayPal or Stripe (for the transfer you have to wait for the transfer times of the bank, normally a couple of days, while with PayPal, Postepay and Stripe are verifiable in real time);
    2. click on the OK button, on the Bank's online payment page, if as a form of payment you choose the "credit card", and again OK to return to our site after accepting payment
  3. By confirming the order, the Customer accepts the terms and conditions of sale set out in this agreement, and authorizes to charge him the total amount indicated, including shipping costs and taxes and taxes.
  4. Once completed, the orders are not cancelable, subject to the customer's right to withdraw.
  5. In the event of a sudden unavailability of the goods, reserves the right to cancel the order and undertakes not to carry out the related charge.
  6. declines any and any responsibility, direct and indirect, deriving from the cancellation of orders.
  7. Delivery times are indicative and are subject to change without notification.
  8. The Customer may exercise his right of withdrawal in the following ways and terms:
    8.1. within 14 days of delivery, the customer can call us or send an e-mail to the address, containing the request to make use of the right of withdrawal, any reason and the order data;
    8.2. the returned goods must be supplied intact, complete with all accessories and in their original packaging;
    8.3. we will send the courier to your home to collect the package, and we will send you the documents for collection in advance by email, the costs are borne by the customer.
  9. The amount related to the goods returned on time and in the manner indicated above will be, subject to agreements with the customer:
    a. credited to the Customer on his credit card, with currency not later than 14 days from the date of shipment of the returned goods and in any case not before has returned to his possession;
    b. sent to the Customer, by bank cheque, within 14 days from the date of shipment of the returned goods, and in any case not before has returned to possession,
    c. left on account for future orders on our site in the form of a Purchase Voucher
  10. The court competent to settle any civil disputes is that of the place of residence or domicile indicated by the Customer, if located on Italian territory; otherwise, the competent court is that of Fermo (FM).
  11. On 9 January 2016, the European Commission opened its new platform for online comunicato stampadispute resolution (ODR) through this press release, to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) bodies. On 15 February 2016, it was also open to all European consumers. More information about ADR and ODR can be found here and on this PDF document..
    The online dispute platform can be accessed here