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Mauli S.p.A. was established in 1964 as a clothing manufacturer to bambino.L'esperienza acquired over the years, it has allowed us to diversify the offer, expanding the range, before addressed to the Nursery and Baby bands. Collections proposals today in fact, they come to Children and Youth 0-14 years. Over 50 years in clothing "specialized history", they have allowed our company to develop Collections "trendy" but, at the same time, absolutely comfortable, to ensure full freedom of movement for children, especially for the target Nursery and Baby . Comfort, attention to detail, choice of fabrics and dyes that respond successfully to the most rigorous quality tests: our winning formula to successfully meet the needs of our constant Clienti.La attention to the price of our products is another of the key elements that allowed Mauli SpA .of diventatre one of the first Italian manufacturers, with over 11 million units produced and sold annually.

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